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Queen Anne Chairs
Luxurious upholstered chairs with a storied past.


During the golden age, in the eighteenth century, there were design styles that emerged, based on styles of the Dutch. This was when Queen Anne furniture came to life. She was the reigning queen from 1704 to 1714 in England.

This popular furniture was named after her based on her reigning period, not because she designed any of it. This furniture was based on Dutch styling, which included refined and elegant styles. In the previous century the furniture was more ornate and heavy, and made popular by Louis V from France.

Queen Anne chairs were smaller in size than the heavy furniture from the last century, and as a result, much more comfortable. The legs on the chair were designed to be able to support a lot of weight without having any kind of bulky appearance.

The leg on the Queen Anne chair is called a cabriolet leg. It has two curves; one large one at the top and another one at the bottom that is shorter and smaller.

It has been noted that these legs are similar to some four-footed animals, which may have been the inspiration for them. These legs end up as a paw or claw and ball feet at the ground.

These chairs were usually made from walnut veneer or walnut wood. Mahogany and maple were less often used. In the century before the introduction of Queen Anne furniture, solid oak was the popular wood used for furniture.

In the century preceding the 1700s, Rococo and Baroque styles were less delicate with their carvings. Queen Anne chairs had very delicate carvings, and quite often shells would be carved in the wood.

The back of the chair is called a splat. It is a wood panel that has been carved according to the shape of a human back. It was popular to carve the wood into a vase shape, and decorate it with inlaid wood. The seat of Queen Anne chairs was upholstered and in the shape of a horseshoe.

Today, Queen Anne chairs are manufactured in much the same way as they were many years ago. The beauty and elegance of these chairs cannot be matched, so the design remains intact.

They are available in different upholstery, using different fabrics. You can find Queen Anne chairs pre-made at upscale furniture stores, and many of the stores will accept custom-made orders on behalf of the manufacturer. You will be able to pick out which upholstery you would like, in a variety of colors, and which type of wood.

Queen Anne chairs will never go out of fashion and although pricey, they will add an air of distinction to a room that is invaluable.

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