Slipper Chair
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Slipper Chair
Upholstered accent chairs with high backs.


A slipper chair is meant to be used as an accent chair. It is a chair that is low-slung that has a high back and provides extra seating for a room. It is a powerful chair that makes a dramatic fashion statement no matter which room it is put in.

A slipper chair is very distinguishable from other chairs. It has a very clean design, and is usually made very low. It has no arms, just the back and the seat, which are basically just rectangles. In some cases the back can be reclined for extra comfort.

Because they are so low, some people keep them near the front door to use when they are putting on their shoes or taking them off. It is also quite common to find them in a dressing room for the same reason.

You can find slipper chairs at most furniture stores. They are a common style so you should be able to find a nice assortment of sizes, shapes and fabrics.

If you're looking for a specially designed slipper chair you can quit often order them directly from the company through a furniture store. Modern design companies make the slipper chair according to your specifications on color, design, fabric etc.

A lot of interior designers work with the slipper chair because they can be used in various themes. This type of chair has a clean classic look so it is versatile for any decorating needs, and many professional designers use them as the focal point of a room. You can throw some pillows on for an added effect.

They are usually upholstered, so they can be used in almost any room decor. They are also available in leather or faux leather. Some companies manufacture slipcovers made for slipper chairs so if you get tired of one look you can change to another.

This type of chair can be made of plastic, metal or wood. A more modernistic room decor may call for a metal or plastic slipper chair, while a traditional style room may need a wooden one.

These chairs are rather big and tend to take up a lot of room, so make sure that the size of your room can accommodate a large slipper chair such as this. They are designed to hold only one person, but sometimes you can fit two into a chair.

A slipper chair is very easy to move around, which is great if you have extra guests over or want to change the look of your room. They are great for children, because since they sit lower to the ground children feel older and ‘more grown up’ sitting in one.

A slipper chair is a great family chair for all the members of a family, and has beauty and functionality all rolled into one.

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